2016 Courses (archive)

2016 Course List

Are We Ready for Marriage?: Deepening Our Courtship
01/01/16 to 2/26/2016

Finding the Hidden Gift: An Approach to Studying the Bahá’í Writings
01/07/16 to 02/24/16

From Concealment to Glorious Splendor: The Three Stages of Bahá’u’lláh’s Declaration
01/15/16 to 03/03/16

Summons of the Lord of Hosts
01/22/16 to 03/07/16

American Indian Religion and Spirituality
01/25/16 to 03/10/16

Exploring the Book of Isaiah
02/01/16 to 03/07/16

Ministry of Shoghi Effendi
02/07/16 to 03/26/16

Introduction to Sufism
02/12/16 to 04/01/16

Applying Bahá’í Principles to Discourses on Governance in the United States
02/22/16 to 04/10/16

Climate Change
03/01/16 to 04/26/16

Health Care and Social Action
03/07/16 to 04/24/16

Badi Calendar: Reshaping our Material, Social, and Spiritual Reality
03/10/16 to 04/10/16

The Bahá’í Faith and the Arts
03/15/16 to 05/03/16

Economics and the Bahá’í Faith
03/22/16 to 06/02/16

Understanding Religion: Conceptual and Experiential Aspects
04/01/16 to 05/18/16

Creating a Coherent Marriage, Family, and Community Life
04/01/16 to 04/30/16

Christianity for Deepening and Dialogue
04/07/16 to 05/25/16

Introduction to the Kitab-i-Aqdas
04/22/16 to 06/07/16

Feast Consultation
05/01/16 to 05/28/16

The Hands of the Cause of God (youth only; wi@usbnc.org)
05/07/16 to 05/31/16

The New Five Year Plan (2016–21): Completing the First Century of the Formative Age
05/10/16 to 06/27/16

Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue
05/15/16 to 07/03/16

The Writings of the Bab
05/22/16 to 07/09/16

Thinking of Relationships and Marriage?
05/27/16 to 07/08/16

Islam for Deepening and Dialogue
06/07/16 to 07/26/16

Dynamic Consultation
06/15/16 to 08/11/16

The World Order of Bahá’u’lláh: Selected Letters
06/22/16 to 08/09/16

Introduction to Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation
06/25/16 to 08/12/16

Exploring the Hebrew Bible (Christian Old Testament)
07/01/16 to 08/17/16

The Destiny of America
07/15/16 to 09/06/16

Tabernacle of Unity
08/01/16 to 09/17/16

The New Five Year Plan: Completing the First Century of the Formative Age
08/15/15 to 09/15/16

Building a World Federation: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
08/20/16 to 10/07/16

The Ministry of `Abdu’l-Bahá
08/25/16 to 10/12/16

Practicing the Arts
09/01/16 to 10/19/16

Consulting and Problem-Solving as a Couple
09/02/16 to 10/06/16

Rediscovering the Dawnbreakers
09/07/16 to 10/25/16

Sustainable Development
09/10/16 to 10/28/16

Buddhism for Deepening and Dialogue
09/15/16 to 11/02/16

How to Organize and Maintain a Bahá’í Archives
09/22/16 to 12/22/16

Native American Religion and Spirituality
10/01/16 to 11/25/16

Epistle to the Son of the Wolf
10/10/16 to 11/27/16

Charters of the Faith
10/15/16 to 12/02/16

Engaging in Parental Consent for Marriage: Preparing or Marriage
10/21/16 to 11/18/16

The Advent of Divine Justice: Guidance for Winning Five Year Plan Goals
10/25/16 to 12/13/16

Understanding Religion: Social and Historical Aspects
11/01/16 to 12/19/2016

The Bahá’í Faith and Philosophy
11/07/16 to 12/25/16

The Promise of World Peace
11/10/16 to 12/28/16

Equality of Women and Men
11/15/16 to 01/02/17

The Epistle of Kings A Comprehensive Study of Súriy-i-Mulúk, Bahá’u’lláh’s first Proclamatory Tablet to the Kings of the nineteenth century
11/27/16 to 01/15/17

Writing Biographies and Histories
12/01/16 to 01/17/17

Hands of the Cause of God: Pathways of Service
12/10/16 to 01/10/17

Introduction to Shi’i Islam
12/20/16 to 02/06/17

Creating Unity with Friendship, Fun, Social Vitality, and Laughter
12/30/16 to 02/17/17

The Wilmette Institute offers online courses about the Bahá’í Faith and on a variety of topics of interest to society from a Bahá’í perspective. It provides about seventy courses, repeated in cycles of one to three years. Every year new courses are added.

The Institute aims to reach a broad and diverse community of learners engaged in an in-depth study of the Bahá’í Faith. Online courses feature a personalized learning plan (PLP) designed by each learner whereby one can set one’s own learning goals. Some students have received college credit for their Wilmette Institute course work.

Types of Courses:

  • The Life and Writings of the Central Figures of the Bahá’í Faith (Bahá’u’lláh, the Báb, and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá) (20 courses)
  • The Life and Writings of Shoghi Effendi (5 courses)
  • Bahá’í History (5 courses)
  • Bahá’í Theology and Philosophy (2 courses)
  • Religions and Scriptures in Bahá’í Perspective (15 courses)
  • Teachings of the Bahá’í Faith (11 courses)
  • Bahá’í Community and Administration (5 courses)
  • The Current Plan (1 course)
  • Harmony of Science and Religion (1 course)
  • The Individual, Marriage, and Family Life (5 courses)
  • Health and Healing (1 course)
  • Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind (1 course)
  • The Arts (2 courses)