2018 Courses

This schedule is subject to change. Courses may shift in dates, some titles will change, new courses will appear, and some courses may be repeated. Registration will open at least 3 months in advance of a course. If you are new to the Wilmette Institute, please read this guidance on how to sign up for a course.

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First Term (January – March 2018)

Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue
01/05/18 to 02/22/18

NEW COURSE: Exploring Friendship, Dating, and Courtship
01/08/18 to 02/04/18

How to Organize and Maintain a Bahá’í Archives
01/08/18 to 04/08/18

Introduction to the Kitáb-i-Aqdas
01/10/18 to 03/06/18

Finding the Hidden Gift: An Approach to Studying the Bahá’í Writings
01/15/18 to 03/03/18

Bahá’í Perspectives on Agriculture and Food
01/20/18 to 03/09/18

NEW COURSE: Racism in America: The Most Challenging Issue
02/01/18 to 04/04/18

NEW COURSE: Nurturing Your Baby Spiritually During Pregnancy
02/05/18 to 03/18/18

The Writings of the Báb
02/10/18 to 04/06/18

NEW COURSE: Enhancing Love and Friendship in Your Marriage
02/12/18 to 03/12/18

‘Abdu’l-Bahá: His Life and Ministry
02/20/18 to 04/16/18

NEW COURSE: A Weighty but Gracious Summons to a Despotic Ruler: A Study of the Lawh-i-Sultán (Tablet to the King)
02/25/18 to 04/14/18

NEW COURSE: Bahá’í Institutions, the Community, and the Individual
03/01/18 to 04/18/18

Health Care and Social Action
03/07/18 to 04/24/18

Charters of the Faith: The Tablet of Carmel, the Will and Testament of `Abdu’l-Bahá, and the Tablets of the Divine Plan
03/10/18 to 04/27/18

The Bahá’í Faith and the Arts
03/15/18 to 04/25/18

Some Answered Questions
03/25/18 to 05/19/18


Second Term (April – June 2018)

Climate Change
04/01/18 to 05/26/18

Indigenous Perspectives on the Sacred
04/15/18 to 06/09/18

The Advent of Divine Justice: Guidance for Winning Five Year Plan Goals
04/25/18 to 06/05/18

Exploring the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament)
05/01/18 to 06/18/18

The Báb and the Bábí Faith, 1844-63: Rediscovering the Dawnbreakers
05/05/18 to 06/22/18

NEW COURSE: Helping Children Navigate Media and Screen Time
05/07/18 to 06/10/18

Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh Revealed after the Kitáb-i-Aqdas
05/10/18 to 08/01/18

Islam for Deepening and Dialogue
05/15/18 to 07/02/18

One Common Faith
06/01/18 to 07/19/18

Conscious Parenting of Young Children
06/04/18 to 07/08/18

Racism in America: The Most Challenging Issue (re-run of February 2018 course)
06/07/18 to 08/08/18

Relating the Bahá’í Teachings to Public Life (Without Being Political)
06/10/18 to 08/04/18

Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation: A Systematic Survey
06/15/18 to 08/02/18

Economics and Community Building
06/20/18 to 08/08/18


Third Term (July – August 2018)

Buddhism for Deepening and Dialogue
07/01/18 to 08/11/18

NEW COURSE: Making Time and Service Choices as a Couple
07/08/18 to 07/30/18

Building a World Federation: The Key to Resolving Our Global Crises
08/15/18 to 10/03/18

The Tabernacle of Unity: Bahá’u’lláh’s Letters to Zoroastrians
08/20/18 to 10/08/18

The Destiny of America
08/25/18 to 10/13/18


Fourth Term (September – December 2018)

Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind
09/01/18 to 10/19/18

NEW COURSE: Fostering a Bahá’í Identity in Children
09/03/18 to 10/28/18

The Bahá’í Faith: A Comprehensive Introduction
09/10/18 to 10/29/18

Introduction to Bahá’í History, 1863-2018
09/15/18 to 11/02/18

Consulting As a Couple
09/17/18 to 10/08/18

Sharing The Twin Birthdays with Children

Writing about the Writings: The Art and Craft of the Personal Reflection Piece
09/25/18 to 10/29/18

Exploring the Book of Isaiah
10/01/18 to 11/04/18

The Báb and Bahá’u’lláh: Two Lives, One Story
10/05/18 to 11/22/18

The Bahá’í Faith and Social Change
10/10/18 to 12/11/18

Exploring Bahá’u’lláh’s Last Major Work: Epistle to the Son of the Wolf 
10/18/18 to 12/06/18 (new dates)

NEW COURSE: Building Intercultural Understanding as a Couple
10/22/18 to 11/19/18

NEW COURSE: Communication Skills for Spiritually Minded Parents
10/29/18 to 12/16/18

Writing Biographies and Histories: Recording Stories of People and Places
11/01/18 to 12/19/18

Economic Justice and the Bahá’í World Order (postponed to 2019)
11/05/18 to 12/23/18

Science, Religion, and the Bahá’í Faith
11/10/18 to 01/04/19

Introduction to Shi‘i Islam
11/15/18 to 01/02/19

Philosophy and the Bahá’í Faith
12/01/18 to 01/18/19

The Promise of World Peace
12/05/18 to 01/23/19

Judaism for Deepening and Dialogue
12/15/18 to 02/01/19