A Transformative Spiritual Experience: Studying the Qur’an

Susan Ofner, who has been a Bahá’í all her life, signed up for Exploring the Qur’an 2015 (faculty Susan Maneck and Moojan Momen), saying, “But there is so much I still don’t know, so I look forward to learning.” Married with two grown children, Susan is a biostatistician at the Indian University School of Medicine. In her spare time she takes care of her dog and five chickens and indulges her artistic side by making pottery. How did she fare in the course on the Qur’an? Let her tell you in her own words.—THE EDITORS

“I want to create a summary of what I learned in this course [Exploring the Qur’an] for my devotional meeting. It is going to be challenging to summarize what I learned because there was so much material, and my scholastic skills are severely lacking. Nevertheless, I have gotten so much out of this course. It has been one of the best spiritual exercises I have done in years. Thank you so much for your patience with me. This course has truly revitalized my spiritual life.”

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