A Learner, A Mentor, Accompaniment, and Century of Light

Brian Wessel, who has recently moved from the Caroline Islands (where he was a pioneer) to Pinon, Arizona (where he teaches math in a middle school on the Navajo Reservation), was a learner in the Century of Light course, centered on a document surveying the decline of the old world order during the twentieth century and the emergence of the new world order.

I value more the mentoring process and those who are mentoring in this program [the course on Century of Light]. There is a nice art of encouraging and accompanying and a total lack of criticism. It is not a change of value but a deeper appreciation of the way we Baha’is do things.

There was a deepening on a question that my mentor, Ed Diliberto, asked us in a separate email. The question was: “What will, precisely, in the considered view of each of you, constitute the appearance of the advent of divine justice in the world?  Delving deeper, Ed”

We sent many back and forth e-mails. . . . I dove deep with Ed, and couldn’t quite get to the answer, but entered the periphery all around it. . . . Finally, Ed shared that the answer was the beloved Universal House of Justice . . . the answer was so blaringly clear, and obvious, but somehow I couldn’t see the forest through the trees. Ed shared that it was an excellent exercise to dive so deep and around this “Ocean of Knowledge.”

So I am a work in progress and am hoping to continue to learn how to dive deep into the Baha’i writings. That exercise led me to an improved skill of diving, and to a deeper appreciation for our beloved Universal House of Justice, and the level of fulfillment that beloved institution has made in the history of humankind, and I think I more deeply appreciate that we don’t know quite yet how astounding the beloved Universal House of Justice is that Ark of Salvation that will continue to reveal itself.

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