New Approach to Balancing the Material and Spiritual

Jason Maude, London, U.K. came to a new understanding of the limits of material wealth and new ideas for balancing the spiritual in his life by participating in the course Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind.

Jason MaudeThe main insight I have gained is into just how ingrained the culture of using wealth to measure status is in the society that surrounds me (locally, nationally and internationally). I have been encouraged to promote a world view in which increased wealth stops becoming a goal once a certain level of physical comfort is reached and instead other things are focused on such as equality, sustainability and spiritual development. . . . In an abstract high level sense it is easy to agree with eliminating wealth and poverty. However, when you look down at a lower level it is all too easy to convince yourself that just endlessly increasing your personal wealth (or the wealth of your nation) constantly improves your life without limit. I have realized that this is incorrect.

I can use my time and life more sustainably, not employing it to increase my wealth endlessly for no reason. This may result in me changing my job to one that pays less but also allows me more time to engage in other projects that promote the well being of humanity.

I also have more confidence in talking about wealth creation and the merits and costs thereof with other people and in trying to convince them to adopt a more sustainable way of thinking.

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