A Revitalized Vision for Interfaith Activities

Sarah Huston of New Orleans, Louisiana, is the long-time interfaith representative for her Baha’i community. She enrolled in Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue with a combination of experience and exhaustion. But, having gained new skills and insights, she left encouraged to continue this valuable social-action work.

I have participated in interfaith activities for a long while and had begun to question if that is where I should be putting my energies. Should I be taking time and energy away from the core activities and, instead, be putting it into interfaith gatherings? Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue has showed me that, yes, I should put my energy into interfaith activity. This is the main insight I gained.

The biggest change is in my belief in the possibility of various religions working together. I had begun to think it was not possible, but now I think it is. I also no longer feel pressured to teach the Baha’i Faith in interfaith meetings. I can just learn from others and pass on information about the Faith without feeling guilty for not spending that time in other activities, such as the core activities. I had begun to think I was wasting my time doing interfaith activities, but I no longer feel that way.

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