About Wilmette

'Abdu'l-Baha at Grand Central Station

‘Abdu’l-Baha at Grand Central Station

The Wilmette Institute was founded in 1995 to provide basic and advanced courses on the Bahá’í Faith. Its first four-year program, Spiritual Foundations for a Global Civilization, provided a comprehensive study of the Bahá’í Faith through on-site summer residential sessions supplemented by several months of in-depth online study.

In 1998, the Wilmette Institute moved to a largely online study approach in order to provide educational classes to a broader student body. It now offers more than 50 unique courses on the web to an average of 30 students per course. Some 7,000 students residing in almost 100 countries have participated in Wilmette courses.

Many students have made important contributions to the Bahá’í community, serving as teachers, enriching their participation in the core activities, participating more actively in social action and public discourse, sharing what they have learned informally with family and friends, taking more active roles in community development. Some have been inspired to continue their formal education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We invite you to join our online community!