Acquiring Vision and Sharing It with Others

Linda A. Miller of Vancouver, Washington, acquired a new understanding of the Five Year Plan and plans to share it with others in her cluster:

I had five goals in this course. Goal 1: to gain a better grasp of the spiritual themes in the reading materials. The questions for Units 1-5 made the spiritual themes much easier for me to grasp. Goal 2: to gain a better grasp of what practical steps the Universal House of Justice is asking Baha’is to take. Having a better grasp of the spiritual themes made it easier for me to identify the practical steps recommended and how each relates to specific themes. Goal 3: to gain the ability to explain clearly and concisely these themes and steps to others. Writing out the answers to the questions in Units 1-5 made me more clear and concise.Goal 4: to lead deepenings on the new Five Year Plan. A study group has been formed and is now meeting to accomplish this goal. Goal 5: to develop a personal action plan. I’m in the process of doing this now and will confer with my Auxiliary Board Member for her input when I’ve completed the plan.

Teaching methods of the Faith have evolved as needs changed, and more effective models emerged. Previously, we were asked to focus on building capacity at the individual, community, and institutional levels; we are now asked to broaden our vision to see those activities as components of social change. This new vision allows us to approach expansion and consolidation activities in a more relaxed and confident manner. One section of the letters that particularly interested me addressed false dichotomies. We need to train ourselves to identify false dichotomies for what they are: distractions/confusions about the real issues facing humanity.

I acquired a greater appreciation for the stupendous vision of the Universal House of Justice and its ability to help all the Baha’is understand relationships between that vision and everyday activities.

I can now more clearly articulate the contents of the four letters and to share that learning with others.

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