Alex Blakeson

AlexBlakeson1Alex’s background in education for social and economic development refocused some years ago on a critical social need in North America: applying the Divine Teachings to preparing youth and young adults for marriage and family life, as well as supporting couples, parents and families to live unitedly.  He is working with others developing a Baha’i-inspired “Family Unity University” focused on these needs, eventually to include international collaboration in teaching, learning, research and publication.  His masters degree is in adult education, with further training and certification in coaching from the Gestalt International Study Center and International Coach Federation.  He has worked as a manager, trainer, facilitator, educator, consultant and coach with organizations from faith-based non-profits to large corporations. Profile at

Alex’s has been married to Karin (originally from Sweden) for 24 years and they have three children ages 22, 20 and 13.  They spent their early years serving in Latin America (Colombia, Bolivia), Israel (Karin), then ten years both at the US Baha’i National Center in Chicago, while all three children were young or born. They currently live in southeastern Vermont closer to extended family working as educators, consultants and coaches, and serving as parents, animators and teachers.

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