An Introduction Opens Doors

Susan Brown from Ann Arbor, Michigan, who has been a Baha’i since 2006, enrolled in The Baha’i Faith: A Comprehensive Introduction “as a refresher for basic information.”

Susan BrownI am fairly new to the Faith and felt it was time for a review. The class was perfect for my purpose and well worth the time I put into it. As a librarian, it always feels good to become more grounded in any subject, to know the places I can find answers to my questions and research topics. I can point others to reliable information and good resources. I now understand the Covenant much better after reading the Will and Testament of `Abdu’l-Baha. It made me sad to read about how He was treated by those closest to Him; but He certainly took care of the Faith, and this document makes that crystal clear. I’m glad it was included in the readings. The unit on the Internet was fun–I discovered quite a few sites of which I was not aware. I am especially glad to be introduced to the Baha’i Portal on Wikipedia. I’m quite a proponent of this site, working in a library, and have a lot of respect for the hard work that people put in to the site and the information.

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