Android, the Web, and the Wilmette Institute: We Need Your Feedback

He’s cute, he’s green, and he’s a little robot who represents the Android software now used by non-Apple smart phones and tablets around the world. An Android application allows a website to be read easily and manipulated on the small screens of cellular phones and the larger screens of e-readers, such as the Amazon Kindle. The Wilmette Institute does not yet have an “app” to call its own, but that day will surely come.

In anticipation of that interactive future, links within Wilmette Institute courses often point to online resources such as videos on YouTube and book titles at the Baha’i Reference Library. Resources are displayed on a Web page as often as possible, rather than in a document format. Although nearly all of our texts can be downloaded, printed, and read on paper, it should also be possible to read them on desktops, laptops, and hand-held computers.

We want to make your study time effective and fumble-free. Your feedback is most welcome. How do our Wilmette Institute courses look in your browsers, in Apple, on tablets, or on your phone? Is it helpful to read course assignments on a small screen during spare time, or is it frustrating? Are there any formatting friendly fixes we could make?

We look forward to hearing from you, either by e-mail ( or in a course forum, where your fellow students may also have some great tips and fixes for your online Wilmette Institute courses.

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