Anti-Racism Work: Let’s Keep the Conversations Going

Racism in America: The Most Vital and Challenging Issue (2019)
Gwendolyn Etter-Lewis, Guy Emerson Mount, Nicola Daniels

Mike KelleyMike Kelley, from Lubbock, Texas, participated in the Wilmette Institute’s fourth course on racism. He shared with us the following learning outcomes.

Mike stated that “most all of the goals in my personal learning plan were achieved.” Here are some specific learning outcomes and actions from his self-assessment.

  • I became more aware and accessed numerous outside sources
  • I was able to bring up concepts studied in ‘meaningful conversations’ with friends
  • I developed some increased awareness of my biases
  • I have already presented some of the concepts learned in a bimonthly study group I facilitate, and I plan to prepare and present further
  • I plan to contribute about this issue to junior youth groups and devotional meetings
  • I have become more involved with locally organized groups like the NAACP
  • I also like the idea of memorizing quotes from the Baha’i writings and other sources related to race

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Institute encourages its learners to share their learning with others and is very pleased to see that Mike, and others who took this course in 2018 and 2019, have been doing just that. To support the needs of its community of learning, the Institute has launched a “Most Vital and Challenging” Discussion Center, in the Moodle Learning Platform, which it hopes will encourage and empower those working to eliminate racial injustice in their own communities.

Mike went on to say: “I appreciated the inclusion of the 2016 United Nations Report on Racism as an ‘outside, impartial’ evaluation of our nation’s status re: race. I also enjoyed the variety of articles, videos, and resources provided. I have passed these along to others not in the course, which has provided them with more in-depth information of racial issues. Thanks so much!”

If you haven’t already watched Layli Maparyan’s web talk on African American Womanism, now is a great time. This resource is being added to the upcoming course on Racism, which has been renamed “Anti-black Racism in the U.S.—The Most Vital and Challenging Issue.”

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