Appreciating Our Capacities and Limits

Emily Lee of Belén, New Mexico, acquired a new appreciation of acting and of the limits of our actions through study of the Ridvan 2010 and 2011 messages and the Universal House of Justice letters of December 28, 2010 and January 1, 2011.

Emily LeeMy goal was simple: to think about these exciting documents in a methodical manner and hear what sense others get from perusing them seriously. I’d read them a few times, of course. The questions and interactions in the course certainly helped. The questions were stimulating, making me think more deeply in ways I probably wouldn’t have thought of on my own every time.

I came away from this study knowing that there is much to be learned by DOING the things the House suggests. I realized that exceeding our capacity to follow through is a very bad idea, that from small beginnings great trees grow, that the House of Justice is closely aware of what goes on in the field. Thus it will be critical to pay attention to everything that comes to us from Haifa, as well as to engage in reflection with the communities around me.

I feel more dedicated to the program of growth here in my small community than I did before. I learned to reflect in a more focused manner on sentences, paragraphs, and individual ideas rather than getting swept away by the grand ideals expressed in these letters. Being swept away is exactly what the House tells us not to do. Pay attention to the small things.

I plan to love and encourage the few friends in the community and area and to think more highly of their capacity and efforts to implement the core processes.  I’ll be bringing up aspects of these messages during group meetings and Feasts and in the various emails we exchange among ourselves.

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