Attention Writers: Sign Up for February 10–15 “The Write Life” Retreat

“The Write Life Retreat and Sharing” being held on February 10–15, 2018, at the Desert Rose Bahá’í Institute: A Center for the Arts in Eloy, Arizona, USA, is a somewhat last-minute addition to its list of offerings. The event is being facilitated by authors Anne Gordon Perry and Marlene Macke.

The writing retreat is open to writers who are inspired and determined to write something new or to finish a story / article / book / memoir but cannot find the time to do so. The telephone rings. Obligations intrude. Emergencies happen. And the day and the week are gone. The writing retreat is your time—your write time. For six days (Saturday through Thursday) you will begin your mornings with your fellow writers exploring creativity as a spiritual gift integral to your identity and your reality. During the rest of the morning and all afternoon, you can meditate about what you want to write and then write with no interruptions. In the evenings you will share your work and offer and receive critiques in a safe, supportive atmosphere.

Desert Rose Baha'i Institute

If such a retreat sounds too good to be true, register now at to save your place, or call 520-466-7961. At Desert Rose you will find a limited number of campus apartments and rooms, all with three meals a day. Then start packing. But, above all, bring:

  • Yourself
  • Your unfinished manuscript
  • Your creativity
  • Your writings materials

Be ready to commune with your inner muse and to devote time to your writing that always seems to elude you.

NOTE: This writers retreat is not an event for marketing or for teaching and learning how to write.

Anne PerryAnne Gordon Perry, who lives in Duncanville, Texas, USA, has published a number of essays, which include “The Art of Romare Bearden” and “The Unveiling in the West of Iran’s Distinctive Cinematic Presence” (both in World Order); “Women in Art” (Journal of Bahá’í Studies); “The Dilemma of the Artist: Thoughts on the Development of Bahá’í Aesthetics” (The Creative Circle); and “Where Spirit and Art Intersect” (in book of same title, published by George Ronald). Anne is the major author/editor of Green Acre on the Piscataqua and served as the editor of ORISON arts journal. With her husband, Tim Perry, she has produced a feature-length film, Luminous Journey: ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in America, 1912. Recently she published two books for children and youth: Magnificent Moles of Mede Meadow and Unseen Witness: Sarah Farmer & the Portsmouth Peace Treaty. In, she published for adults “A Woman’s Place: At the Table,” a version of Unseen Witness.

Marlene MackeMarlene Macke, from St. Marys, Ontario, Canada, has published a biography, My Love to the Friends: The Story of Laura R. Davis (Chestnut Park Press) and several essays on William Shakespeare. Her “Faithful Friends: Founding of the Toronto Bahá’í Community, 1919–1938,” due to be published at the end of February 2018, marks the eightieth anniversary of the election of the first Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Toronto. She has also written a play called “Tabreez,” and she has a work in progress with the working title of “Abiding Faith: The Untold Story of Dr. Albert Durrant Watson.”


You can cap your writing retreat with an additional three days—February 16–18, 2018, Friday through Sunday—at the Artists and Scholars Conference held at the Desert Rose Bahá’í Institute. The theme of this year’s conference is “Finding Common Beliefs.” Again, register at, or call 520-466-7961.

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