Bahá’í Theology Course Results in Exploration of Catholic Document “Dei verbum”

Bahá’í Theology: Concepts of God, Revelation, Manifestation,
Creation, Humanity, Afterlife, and Covenant 2017
Faculty: Mikhail Sergeev

Marco OliveiraThe 2017 Bahá’í Theology course stimulated a lot of thinking about the nature of God’s relationship to the world, the Bahá’í concept of revelation, and the concept of the Manifestation. Marco Oliveira, a learner in the course and a Portuguese software engineer, decided to make a compare Bahá’í concepts with the Catholic doctrine of revelation as summarized in the Vatican II document “Dei verbum” (“The Word of God”). He examined each section of the document and provided Bahá’í quotations and commentary that relate to each. The slide show version and the article are both available as pdfs on the Wilmette Institute website.

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