Capture Your Wilmette Institute Experience in a Six-Word Essay

As part of its Twentieth Anniversary celebrations, the Wilmette Institute is inviting learners in its Spiritual Foundations for a Global Civilization program and/or its online courses to capture their experiences with the Wilmette Institute, or their understanding of it, in the briefest possible of essays.

“Essays of six well-chosen words.”

Six-word descriptions have become something of a phenomenon of late. National Public Radio has been sponsoring “six-words-on-race” essays, with feature stories about their authors. Smith online magazine has a “Say it in 6” at They run contests, create projects for schools, ask people to summarize a classic novel in six words, create six-word videos, and design six-word pictures.

What can you say about the Wilmette Institute in its “Essays-of-Six-Well-Chosen-Words” challenge, the topic being a description of your experience with the Wilmette Institute’s Spiritual Foundations program or its online courses? Send your essay or essays to We will tweet them on Twitter, post them on Facebook, put them up on our new website,, and write about them in our eNewsletter.

For you, choosing six words will be addictive. For us, your six-word essays will be fun to read. We promise they will be fastest you have ever written. It took us about a minute to come up a name for the challenge.

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