The Wilmette Institute’s Scholarship/Discount Fund and Your Income Taxes

Last month the Wilmette Institute’s annual scholarship and discount fund-raiser stood at $4,320. Today it stands at $4,570, which is nearing one-quarter of our goal.

The Wilmette Institute’s goal continues to be to raise $20,000 to enable it to offer 300 scholarships and discounts during the fiscal year May 2013–April 2014.

The Institute continues to see the demand for discounts and scholarships increasing, while its scholarship/discount fund decreases. As you begin to gather documents for preparing your 2013 income taxes, we hope you will consider a donation to the Wilmette Institute scholarship/discount fund.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept donations via the Web because only Bahá’ís can give. To donate:

Wilmette Institute
Bahá’í National Center
1233 Central Street
Evanston, IL, USA 60201-2886