Wilmette Institute’s Course-Management System: Problems and Progress

The Wilmette Institute’s progress toward a new Moodle course-management system has been a story of two steps forward and one step backward. A contractor is writing new software that will enable us to move our courses to an offsite hosting service, which will be able to update our software and keep it working efficiently. The contractor has made considerable progress, and we will be testing the new system on “test beds” during November and December.

But in the process, our ability to email postings to learners in our courses was blocked for a day. Then the patch to fix the posting problem had an unexpected failure as well. Since both problems happened on weekends, we could not have them fixed quickly. On top of the two tandem failures, we experienced the independent mechanical failures of not one but two servers (computers) containing essential Wilmette Institute software. The result was a frustrating month.

The good news is that in a month or two (make that three; we all know how unpredictable software upgrades can be) we expect to have a better connection between our registration system and our Moodle course-management system. In addition, the Moodle system will be upgraded to the latest version, which has new and better features.

Thank you for your patience and your prayers.

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