Course Opened Doors to Growth

Learner Jacqui ThomasJacqui Thomas, of Sonora, California, enjoys geology, biology, working at a local nature center, and serving in the local volunteer fire department.  A desire to reflect on the holy texts and a recommendation from a friend in Colorado led her to the Wilmette Institute. The skills she gained from How to Study the Baha’i Writings have enriched her spiritual and professional activities.

I am absolutely delighted that my ability to comprehend what I read, and remember what I’ve read long enough to finish a passage, has improved dramatically. In the past, I had no difficulty at all with reading or comprehension, so having seemingly insurmountable difficulties with study for over eight years has been extraordinarily frustrating.

The strategies of focusing on individual words, finding figures, and picking out themes has allowed me to find detours around the roadblocks and has alleviated so much of my frustration and has taken a lot of the struggle out of studying the Baha’i writings. I find the class suggestions of turning statements into questions, and reversing phrases (what would not being that look like?) very helpful.

In writing to a posting format, I have become much better at getting rid of extraneous words and asides, and being concise in expressing my thoughts.

I think it would be easier to summarize where I would not use what I have gained. I will certainly use these skills in my studying of the writings, but they will also enhance study and consultation in Baha’i circles. I am looking forward to the recent advancements in the San Angelo sphere, which will include more time with other Baha’is, more teaching, and more need to be simple and concise.

In Sonora, with circumstances that include substitute teaching in a middle school and Nature Center Board meetings, I now have even more ways to break down what is being read, or said, and to find the important part(s).

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