Moodle Navigation Tips: The Handy Hamburger Icon

Learn about the “hamburger” icon — used to open or close the Left hand column in Moodle. Find out where to find your fellow learners in Moodle, and more.

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Edited Transcript

In this video I’ll be showing you easy ways to find your way around your Wilmette Institute course. When you log in, the first page you’ll see is the Learning Center Home page. At the top left side is a little gray icon. Clicking on that hamburger icon will open or close the left-hand column.

If your course has already started you should see it listed under My courses. If your course has not yet started you may need to click on the Dashboard link at the top left.

On the Dashboard you will see [your course title(s)]. Click on a course title to open the Classroom Page.

On the top left is a link for Participants. When you click this link you will see a list of all the people in your course. This includes the learners like yourself, the faculty members and there may also be some special guests called “discussants.”

The left-hand column also has links or shortcuts to the course units. Most units have both an Activity page and a Forum. To open these simply click on the blue, underlined links.

Finally, a quick preview of the right-hand column. You can also get to the Forums from the Forums link on the top right hand side. Below that there’s a link for News. Feel free to explore. The right hand column also has links to Recent activity, to the Study Group Guidelines, and more.

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