Deepening Love and Appreciation of Shoghi Effendi

Rezvan Ahmadiyyih of Skokie, Illinois, gained a new appreciation of Shoghi Effendi’s foresight and tirelessness and a new confidence in the future through The Ministry of Shoghi Effendi.

Rezvan AhmadiyyihThrough the study of the materials in this course, I have learned so much about Shoghi Effendi as the Guardian of the Faith and of his clear vision and foresight about the world’s events. His ability to foresee the future is amazing. His tireless efforts and unabated focus on training and educating the nascent Baha’i community in the essentials of the Administrative Order, in guarding and protecting the vulnerable Baha’i community from the fangs of the enemies of the Faith both from the inside and the outside, in encouraging the friends to travel to foreign lands to defuse the fragrances of the teaching of Baha’u’llah far and wide and to instill hope and courage in the hearts of the believers, in reminding the American Baha’is of their high destiny in the unfoldment of the World Order of Baha’u’llah and the role they must play in fulfilling their destiny are among my understandings and insights gained from taking this course.

The writings of Shoghi Effendi are very deep and complex, and it gives the reader an understanding of not only what will happen in the future but also what had happened in the past and the steps and the paths that connect the past to the present and into the future. In this process many comparisons and contrasts have been used; for example, when Shoghi Effendi compares the progress of the past religions that took so long for a handful people to be confirmed in their belief in the past Manifestations of God with the progress of the Faith in this day. The Faith spread like a wildfire and many faithful believers from the outset became so confirmed in their faith that even gave their lives for it.

[As a result of this course] I feel more confident talking with people about the future and what the Baha’i Faith has to offer. As far as my own attitude—at the same time that I fear the coming of more impending chaos and sufferings, I know that these happenings are part of the Major Plan of God and are a prelude to the establishment of the World Order of Baha’u’llah and that we, as Baha’is, have an important role to play in this process and need to use our time and energy in building the communities in order to be ready for the day when people enter the Faith by troops.

My outlook in life has changed a bit in that I believe that things do not just happen haphazardly; everything that happens to us and to our societies has a purpose and is for the betterment of the world.

What the Baha’i Faith has to offer is the solution for the problems of the humanity that is suffering; so, in my approach and when talking to people about the Faith, I have more confidence to present to them the Baha’i Faith and the Baha’i ideas that ultimately will bring peace to the world.

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