ebbf Announces Its New #discoveringhow Podcast

As of August, there is a new, Bahá’í-inspired podcast in town: ebbf’s (Ethical Business Building the Future) podcast series titled “ethical business building the future, #discoveringhow.” Produced by Jean Parker and the ebbf communications team, the series brings you personal experiences and insights from ebbf members—an international group of people living their strong sense of mission in their workplaces. In each episode you will find stepping stones, fresh ideas, personal learnings of people who believe that ethical business can and should build the future.

In Episode 1—“Meaningful Work, How ebbf Members View It and Live It” (15:49)—Jean Parker, the series interviewer, opened by saying that the #discoveringhow podcasts are a product of the ebbf organization, which is “a global learning community using” its members “work places to build a better future.” Then she introduced Dhairya Pujara, who discussed his need for meaningful work that made him leave his job after one day (eight hours) on the job. Next was Stephane Zahrai, from the U.K., who talked about the traits of meaningful work that he has experienced and that he suggests other enterprises should live up to. In the third segment of the podcast, Serge Thill, from Luxemburg, offered his ideas on the principles behind meaningful work; his article was read by South African ebbf member Tahirih Michot.

ebbf tagline Discovering How, ethical business building the futureThe first speaker talked for about six minutes, and the second and third ones, just under three minutes each. The short segments give listeners the option of listening to the interviewees one by one (which also allows time for mulling over what one speaker says before going on to the next one).

Ms. Parker, an excellent interviewer who asks questions and then sits back and lets her interviewees talk, introduces each podcast. In the Episode 1 she ended by saying that she hoped the interviews had inspired the listeners with “ideas for discovering how” they “can all build a prosperous, just, and sustainable civilization.”

Episode 2, broadcast on August 30, was called “How Can Ethical Business Build the Future? Transitioning towards the Spiritual Enterpise.” Episode 3, scheduled for September 15 is called “Insights on the History and Practice of ‘How Organizations Evolve.’” The Wilmette Institute plans to include future podcasts with its listings of upcoming “Web Talks, Webinars & Podcasts by Other Organizations.”

You can listen to Episodes 1 and 2 or subscribe to the ebbf Soundcloud Podcast channel. ebbf also suggests that you sign up for email reminders about upcoming talks.

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