ebbf Appoints Nabil Elias to New Dean of Education Position

ebbf (ethical business building a better future) is a Bahá’í-inspired global learning community that accompanies mindful individuals and groups through daily work and discourse to transform business and the economy, thereby contributing to a prosperous, just, and sustainable civilization. In its twenty-eighth year of service, ebbf has decided to create a new position—Dean of Education—and to appoint Dr. Nabil Elias to the position.

The aim of the Dean of Education position, according to ebbf is to allow it “to explore more deeply new learning frameworks that can test the impact and best practices of the application of its seven core values in organizations that aim to contribute to a more prosperous, just and sustainable civilization.” The seven core values are unity, justice, service, moderation, gender equality, human nobility, and sustainability. ebbf goes on to say that Dr. Elias “will start to identify key topics and individuals to engage with, in order to start exploring the kinds of materials that will be most useful to create new learning frameworks, assisting the transition of companies and people towards a new paradigm of work.”

Dr Nabil Elias

One of the first steps Nabil has undertaken in his new position is to explore further collaboration between ebbf and the Wilmette Institute and the possible expansion of Wilmette Institute Web Talks and course offerings in the area of business and management.

Dr. Elias has been an educator for many years. He is Faculty Emeritus at the Belk College of Business, University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Before his retirement, he taught in MBA and Master of Accountancy programs and was director of MBA programs at UNC Charlotte and at the University of Manitoba. He held positions as visiting professor at INSEAD, HEC, and ESCP (France), Thunderbird (USA), and Laval University (Quebec) and taught MBA classes at Monterrey Tech EGADE (Mexico) and at UNC Charlotte’s MBA in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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