ebbf Plans May Learning Event on Consultation in Milan, Italy

Make plans now for the ebbf (Ethical Business for a Better Future) learning event to be held in Milan, Italy, on May 12–15, 2016. Celebrating its twenty-fifth year, ebbf chose as its theme “Consultation: Beyond Decision-Making, A Tool for Learning.” You (and your business team) will experience, elevate, and understand consultation, improving the way you understand consultation and can use it to increase unity, fully engage yourself (and your team), and create an adaptive learning environment.

The keynote speaker for the learning event will be Wilmette Institute faculty member Trip Barthel, who will speak on “Dynamic Consultation: Unity in Action.” He says that dynamic consultation integrates the Bahá’í writings “with the science of group decision-making. The science tells us that we learn better when everyone has a voice, when everyone listens, when we define the issue broadly, when we are inspired through meditation, when we create many choices, and when we work toward unanimity.”

ebbf has specific expectations for its speakers. It looks for speakers who:

  • “are able to spark new thinking and new ideas,” not “share all that is wrong with today’s organizations or economic systems.”
  • are able to elevate the discourse and offer uplifting and inspiring (not just interesting) scenarios of current trends and future states.
  • are able to connect their talk to ebbf’s core principles and values (unity, justice, service, moderation, gender equality, human nobility, sustainability).
  • often share personal experiences and always talk about issues about which they are truly passionate.

ebbf keynotes are twice as long as TED talks.” That is thirty minutes, not fifteen minutes.

Other speakers and moderators for learnshops (some thirty events in all) include:

  • Dary Enkhtor (Mongolia): “Fostering Conversations between Souls”
  • Vafa Akhavan (Canada): “Consultation: The Catalyst for Realizing Potential”
  • Cornelius Pietznr (Switzerland): “Wisdom Together”
  • Valerie Arnold (Belgium): “Outsmart Your Own Biases: How to Identify and Outsmart Our Limiting Brain Patterns in Order to Deepen Our Consultation Skills”
  • Maja Groff (The Netherlands): “Beyond the Culture of Business Lobbying and Towards a Culture of Genuine Consultation: Ethical Engagement of Business in Shaping Public Policy?”
  • Mika Korhonen (Finland): “The Lexicon Project”
  • Marco Avanzo (India): “The Myth about Power”
  • Ana Saldarriage (Colombia): “How Do Millennials Approach and What Do They Demand from Interactive Decision-Making and Learning Experiences?”
  • Gianluca Lotti (Italy): “Let the Vision Manifest” and “Changing the World Sitting on a Bench”
  • Toufan Rahimpour (USA): “The Practical Application of Consultation”
  • Enrico Giraudi (Italy): “Feel the Power of Consultation”
  • Vivek Nair (Macau): “Applying Consultation in an Educational Environment

Why should you attend? One participant and speaker, Mika Korhonen, a values-based leader and software development professional from Finland, puts it this way:

The purpose of sharing, listening and discussing together in unity and as equals is not only to make better informed decisions. Its purpose is also to enlighten us with different views and see the world in a new way. And in the end, it builds a common understanding. Those crazy ones who think that they will change the world, and eventually will, this is for you. Booked my tickets!

ebbf, which began in 1990 as an informal network, is a Bahá’í-inspired global learning community that accompanies mindful individuals and groups through daily work and discourse to transform business and the economy, thereby contributing to a prosperous, just, and sustainable civilization.

To sign up for the May learning event and to find about other arrangements, click here. While you are on the ebbf site, take time to look around at all that ebbf has to offer.

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