Education Under Fire

Many of us have seen the letter written by Jose Ramos-Horta, the President of East Timor and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. But have you heard him talk? Please go to, and click on Your Tools, then on Multimedia, then select the Ramos-Horta film clip to hear President Ramos-Horta’s short introduction to the Education Under Fire documentary.

In the film clip (4.58 minutes), he talks about his years working in Geneva at the United Nations Human Rights Commission. He was particularly impressed by two Iranian gentlemen—one a tall, elegant, well-dressed man who spoke fluent French and a younger man, less dashing and humble—who presented the Baha’i case to the Commission.

His description of the Baha’i representatives reminds one of the spiritual qualities the Wilmette Institute has been discussing in the course now in session Social Action and Public Discourse as prerequisites for both social action and public discourse.

The Persian men impressed Ramos-Horta then, and their influence undoubtedly contributed to his co-writing and co-signing, with Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu, the Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, a letter in support of the right of Baha’is in Iran to education and a defense of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

While the U.S. National Spiritual Assembly finalizes the next phase of the Education Under Fire campaign, Baha’is are busy getting out the message. On July 7 the Baha’is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, are hosting an EUF event at a local college with Rainn Wilson speaking.

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