Education Under Fire—Two New Videos, One by Rainn Wilson

Two new videos released on May 22 mark the one-year anniversary of the raids on the homes of thirty-nine educators, administrators, and staff of the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education (BIHE). Both are designed to help us keep alive the Education Under Fire (EUF) campaign drawing attention to the denial of higher education to Baha’i and other students in Iran (

Rainn Wilson, in the first video (1.28 minutes), speaks from the heart about education as a human right and its denial at the university level to many students in Iran as a crime against humanity.

Nazanin Boniadi, an acclaimed screen actress and spokesperson for Amnesty International, narrates the second video (3.11 mintues). Accompanied by shocking and moving photographs, she talks about the raids a year ago on BIHE classrooms and the arrests of faculty, now serving four and five year sentences. She calls the actions a “shocking abuse of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Boniadi reviews decades of oppression of the Baha’i community, detailing how it became official policy in 1979, with imprisonments, torture, and executions and the denial of higher education. She ends with praise for EUF and a plea for all to join and support the EUF campaign.

The National Spiritual Assembly has urged all of us to share the videos with our families and friends as we continue to lend our voices to the plight of those in Iran who are still being denied the right to higher education, despite the Iranian government’s having signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees all the right to higher education.

To join the community of BIHE advocates and receive updates, you can still sign up on the “Take Action” link on the Education Under Fired website.

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