Exploring the Tanakh (the Christian Old Testament) and the Bible Give a Deeper Understanding of All Scriptures

Cynthia McDaniel of northern Virginia, after taking the Wilmette Institute Course on the Tanakh ( the Christian Old Testament) and one previously on the Bible, found her eyes opened to seed-ideas in earlier scriptures that are explained fully in the Baha’i writings.

I have a deeper understanding of the Tanakh now (and I don’t have to look it up to spell it properly either). As this was the second course I have been taking . . . , it was sometimes hard to keep the information separate. That [previous] course had to do with hermeneutics and interpretation from a Christian point of view. . . . [Both courses] covered the different genres of the Bible, including history, epistles, poetry and wisdom literature, etc.  Although I knew that these different genres existed before taking . . . [the Tanakh course and the course on the Bible], I had not previously realized the implications that reviewing the genres might have on interpretation. Thus this has been an eye-opener for me.

My appreciation of the Tanakh was increased. I think it is very important as one of the foundational documents for the Baha’i writings. Likewise, I am continually astonished at how ideas explained in the Baha’i writings are found in the Tanakh and other Scriptures as “seeds.” I especially enjoyed the discussion on Jehovah and the Elohim. I am particularly interested in how those words are used in the Tanakh and the attitude toward them of the Jewish people.

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