Faculty Susanne Alexander Co-Authors Book on Preparing For Marriage

Wilmette Institute Department Chair Susanne M. Alexander, with co-authors Johanna Merritt Wu and Jeremy Lambshead, has published a new Bahá’í-teachings-based book entitled Starting with Me: Knowing Myself Before Finding a Partner. The authors identified lack of self-preparation as one of the root causes of difficulties in relationship and marriage. The book focuses on preparing individuals for marriage through coherently living a joyful, service-filled life that includes education and family. It helps them understand themselves better, including such aspects as their character, family history, expectations, desired attributes in a partner, and maturity level.

Starting with Me also addresses some common pitfalls in relationships, such as the only-one-soul -mate myth, premature sexual involvement, and fear of commitment. The book invites readers to look to friendship as an essential relationship component and to expand their circle of friends and potential partners. The book, which includes quotations from the Bahá’í writings, PrepSheets, creative activities, and more, is available through the Bahá’í Distribution Service and through Susanne Alexander’s marriage transformation website.

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