Faculty Update: A Fresh Look at WI Faculty

The Wilmette Institute has recently published updated faculty bios for some forty-five individuals (about half the total cohort). Its diverse faculty includes young scholars, seasoned professionals, academics and self-trained experts. Faculty contributions are vital to the Wilmette Institute’s mission of engaging an international and multicultural community of learners in in-depth study of the Bahá’í Faith.

What’s new in the faculty bios?

  • Downloadable CVs
  • Lecture Topics (see Director’s comment below about a speakers bureau)
  • Videos
  • Department information and course lists
  • Landing page with faculty photos (sorted by first  name)

Click the photo below to go to the new bios page.

Second page of faculty photos (there are 10 per page)

How exactly do faculty contribute to learning? A typical course, depending on its size, has one lead faculty member who serves as the course coordinator and one or two additional faculty members. Lead faculty are often the ones who propose and develop new courses. At the end of each course the faculty team reviews and updates/improves their course based on student feedback as well as their own learning.

All faculty members post comments on class assignments, ask questions to stimulate student discussion, answer student questions on the Web-based discussion forums, hold phone or web conference sessions for groups of students, and mentor students on a one-on-one basis. Mentoring may include assisting the students with refining their Personal Learning plans, and with designing and revising their projects. Faculty of college level courses are also required to grade student assignments using the Institute’s assessment rubrics.

What’s the purpose of this upgrade? The upgrade is one of the steps in the Institute’s University Initiative. According to Dr. Robert Stockman, Wilmette Insitute Director, “The new design is much nicer than the old one, and moves us closer to where we want to be as a professional educational institution. We will also use the new bios as a sort of “speakers bureau” when we get to the point where we can actually send faculty to campuses to speak.”

What about the rest of the faculty? All faculty have been invited to submit their CVs and updated bios through an online form. New bios will be added as they are submitted.

How do I find the faculty bios on the Wilmette Institute website? The faculted bios are located under the “About Us” menu option on the WI website. See screenshot below.

Screenshot showing Faculty bios landing page in "About Us" dropdown menu.


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