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The international faculty of the Wilmette Institute consists of some ninety individuals, including women (40% of the total) and men, young scholars and seasoned professionals, academics and self-trained experts, of diverse nationalities and backgrounds, who contribute to the Wilmette Institute’s mission of engaging an international and multicultural community of learners in in-depth study of the Bahá’í Faith. Some serve as faculty at accredited colleges and universities. Others are researchers in specialized topics or persons who have acquired deep experience in the subjects they teach.

A typical course, depending on its size, has one lead faculty member who serves as the course coordinator and one or two additional faculty members. All faculty members post comments on class assignments, ask questions to stimulate student discussion, answer student questions on the Web-based discussion forums, hold phone or web conference sessions for groups of students, and mentor students on a one-on-one basis. Occasionally, individuals with expertise in a particular topic join the course as guest speakers to contribute their expertise to the forum discussions.

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