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Department of Social Transformation

Throughout the spiritual journey of my youth, I grappled with three burning questions. First, if divine “footprints” are to be found in the history of humankind’s religions, then how does one reconcile their belief systems? Second, are religion and science intrinsically in conflict or are they complementary forms of knowledge? Third, what is the relationship between the spiritual development of the individual and the quest for a just and harmonious society? Traversing periods of atheism, agnosticism, and Eastern mysticism, I searched for answers. In 1981, I embraced the Bahá’í Faith, which recognizes the divine origin of the world’s religions, affirms the harmony of religion and science, and teaches that spiritual development and social progress are mutually reinforcing.

My life goal is to be an educator in the broadest sense, improving people’s understanding of science and technology, helping to refine human character, and fostering a healthier pattern of civic and community life.


Brian Aull


Bahá’í Principles as they Relate to Discourses on Governance

Lecture Topics

Science and religion: Do they intrinsically conflict?
The impact of virtues on civic life