BA, MS Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
PhD Mississippi State University

Department of Social Transformation

When I was 19 years old, I met and became Bahá’í at the home of a family that reoriented my life. In addition to mentoring me spiritually, they set me off on a lifetime of international pioneering. At my retirement from the World Bank group, more than 40 years later, I was invited to address mid-level managers from around the world and to describe elements that contributed to my success– all of which originated from becoming Bahá’í, adherence inasmuch as possible to Bahá’í principles, and social activism.

Many youth from the 60s-70s were attracted to the Faith through social activism, including me. Social activism and the Bahá’í Faith are nearly synonymous to me. I became an an international Bahá’í pioneer in 1975 which has remained my passion until the present. As a socio-economic development worker in more than 80 countries, my work was always a kind of social activism closely related to my Bahá’í service, coordinated with my knowledge gained from the Teachings and varied experiences within the Bahá’í community. Currently my wife and I manage a Bahá’í inspired project for Ukrainian children and youth. Since 2011, every 2 weeks during the summer 25-35 children and youth are resident on our small farm, participating in classes and discussions about the importance of acquiring virtues for their future, and the future of their neighbourhoods, and country.


Gary A Reusche


Bahá’í Perspectives on Agriculture and Food, Bringing Consultation to the Workplace

Lecture Topics

• From business model to business plan (designing, launching, and management of small and medium rural enterprises)
• Sustainable International Development – History and Issues for the Future
• International Development: Project Selection, Participatory Processes, Design, LogFrame, Monitoring & Evaluation
• Small and Medium Agricultural Enterprises:
– Obtaining Finance
– Management Information Systems
– Cash Flow Linked Agricultural Risk Assessment (CLARA)
– Agricultural Insurance and Risk Management
– Agricultural Extension – application of research and new knowledge to agricultural practices through farmer education
– Value Chains: from the farm to the final consumer
– Seed Enterprise Development
• Proposal Writing and Strategies for Fund Raising
• Consensus Decision Making in Business and Team Management
• Values Based Management