EdM Harvard Graduate School of Education
MA, MS, Loyola University Chicago

Department of Marriage and Family, Section: Parenting

Justine founded Relation-Shift at the Harvard Innovation Lab in order to end sexual violence, promote healthier relationships and create safer schools. Justine has worked for the past 14 years to advance the equality of women and men, facilitating classes, workshops and seminars across the country on gender, media representation and the prevention of sexual and relationship violence and bullying. Justine worked in Washington DC at the Tahirih Justice Center for five years, a national nonprofit organization that protects immigrant women and girls refusing to become victims of violence, and served as the area’s Respect Challenge campaign manager for Futures Without Violence, and co-facilitated workshop and seminars on campuses and in communities with the Advancement of Women portfolio at the U.S. Bahá’í Office of Public Affairs. Previously, Justine worked as a teacher at a women’s college in Nanjing, China.


Justine A Finn


Helping Families Navigate Media and Screen Time

Lecture Topics

“Gender Equality and the Baha’i Faith”
“Promoting Healthy and Safe Relationships: Teaching Respect, Consent and Socio-Emotional Skills”
“Gender Equality and Parenthood: A Spiritual Perspective”
“Social Media, Relationships and Youth”
“Remembering Our True Selves in a Toxic Media Culture”
“Gender Stereotypes and Developing Healthy Gender Identities”