BSc University of Saskatchewan, Canada
MA University of Regina, Canada

Department of Social Transformation

My life’s work has been in rural development and agriculture production. Raised on a family farm in Saskatchewan, I spent my childhood working on the farm’s crop and livestock production as well as with the farm gardens and tree belts. After high school, I spent 10 years co-managing the farm. In my early 20s, I volunteered on an agriculture project in West Africa. As a rural developer and production systems agronomist, I worked for 7 years using the Bahá’í-inspired Rural University methodology to facilitate agriculture and rural development projects with Indigenous farm families in Latin America. I currently work with the government of Alberta where I have spent 13 years assisting grain farmers with agronomic aspects of growing field crops. Having previously managed the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers’ farmer participatory research program, my main focus in my current work is promoting pulse (grain legume) crop production to support farmers with achieving more sustainable cropping systems through crop diversification. I’m active as a Ruhi study circle participant and facilitator.


Neil Robert Whatley


Bahá’í Perspectives on Agriculture and Food, Sustaining 11 Billion People: Challenges for an Ever-Advancing Civilization

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