BA Anthropology, University of Florida
MA Religious Studies, University of Virginia
MS Chinese Medicine, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
PhD East Asian History, Columbia University

Department of Religion, Theology, and Philosophy

My love of Asia goes back to my tenth grade world history teacher, who first exposed me to the vastness of the world. Since that time, I’ve spent a fair amount of my life wandering about trying to see and understand as much of the world as I can. In particular, I’ve been fascinated by the religions, literatures, philosophies, and sciences of the world’s many cultures. As a scholar, I’ve explored many different fields, only to realize that my true “specialty” is the humanities broadly conceived. I love sharing my love for the great creations of humanity with others. I think these great achievements–I like to call them “classics”–can remind us that being human is more than being an animal and that our potential is far, far greater than we imagine.


Stephen Boyanton


Introduction to Buddhism

Lecture Topics

An Overview of Bahá’í History and Teachings
The Mystical Path and “Recognition” of the Manifestation in the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh
The Hidden Words as a Spiritual Path
Justice, Love, and Knowledge