Beloit College
BA, MA University of Wisconsin – Madison

Department of Religion, Theology, and Philosophy

Learning and teaching about the oneness of religion has been the focus of my personal and academic interests. Having been turned off of religion by sectarian squabbling and rigidity, my family, going back to my grandparents on both sides, were a bit anti-religious. As a child of the 60s, I naturally rebelled against their “closed-mindedness” and began a life long search through Judaism, Christianity, Mayan Spirituality, Buddhism among others. Along the way, I got a Master’s Degree in Hebrew Bible just for personal interest, without any career goals associated with it. In the mid-90s, I landed in the Bahá’í community where I have found my spiritual home along with the opportunity to continue association with all of the above faith communities and an open door of service to dust off my library books from time to time when teaching Wilmette Institute courses.


Ted Michael Brownstein


Christianity for Deepening and Dialogue, Interfaith Dialogue and Collaboration, Introduction to the New Testament, Judaism for Deepening and Dialogue, The Book of Isaiah, The Book of Revelation, The Hebrew Bible, The Kitab-i-Iqan

Lecture Topics

Prayer and Progressive Revelation
Creation in Genesis One – Insights from the Hebrew Text
Harmony of the Bible and Qur’an