Frank Discussions Lead to Plan to Form Study Groups

Learner named Sailesh ShahSailesh Shah, who lives in Dronfield Woodhouse, England, took the Wilmette Institute’s course on the Kitab-i-Aqdas as his first online course, eager to learn as much as possible about the Most Holly Book.

If I was honest, I felt very intimidated at the start of the course. This was overcome by actually participating in the discussion forums. I felt that discussion between the participants was very well articulated, and points raised were always very focused.

One thing that I quickly realized that one needs to constantly have open and frank discussion about our values and beliefs with both Baha’i and seekers as this will assist us in broadening our views and knowledge. I also feel that we already have so much guidance, interpretation provided by both ‘Abdul-Baha and the Guardian—in addition, to continuing guidance provided by the Universal House of Justice. I never had any doubts about the power of the Covenant, and studying the Most Holy Book has given me further confidence.

I would like to continue on this journey of studying the writings of the Faith either by starting a study group locally with like-minded friends and also by enrolling in future courses offered by the Wilmette Institute in particular courses on Islam, the Qur’an, Christian subjects, and living the life as a Baha’i with all its laws, exhortations, and principals.

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