Free “Deepen! Web Video” Program Starting Soon

In March, the Wilmette Institute is launching a new free educational program aimed at assisting a wide range of individuals in their needs to learn and study the Bahá’í writings and related topics. Titled Deepen! Web Video, the new program will have at its heart live web video presentations. The Institute will publicize the Deepen! web videos, which will be broadcast live on its Facebook page. At the ends of the programs, learners will be able to ask questions in Q/A sessions. After the initial live presentation, the recordings will be placed on the Institute’s YouTube channel for watching at any time.

The first presentation in the Deepen! program will be given by Kevin Locke, a Lakota Bahá’í and an artist. On Saturday, March 4, at 3 p.m. Eastern time (12 noon Pacific), he is offering a Deepen! video presentation on “An Indigenous Perspective on Fasting.” You can register to watch here or watch it broadcast live on our Facebook page. Kevin plans to record a series of presentations, some of which will be reserved for the Wilmette Institute course Native American Religion and Spirituality, which is being offered April 1 to June 2 (registration is still open; click here). Kevin’s public live Deepen! video sessions will be announced via the Wilmette Institute’s email system, with additional information appearing on our public web pages and social media.

The shortest “Deepen!” program will be a single video. But the Wilmette Institute plans to create series of two or more videos on a variety of topics. The Institute hopes to accompany videos with a web page including reading materials, study questions, and a blog for ongoing discussion, with the presenter periodically weighing in to answer questions and offer comments.

Some of the Deepen! programs will complement existing Wilmette Institute courses, which are longer, involve more reading, and have very active faculty involvement. In many cases faculty for our current courses will record six or seven videos for their courses, two or three of which will be used as Deepen! programs, thus providing a free taste of the more intensively developed course.

In other cases, Deepen! programs will be an initial exploration of a subject that later will be developed into a course. The Wilmette Institute would like to hear from you about subjects for deepenings and speakers who could provide them.

The Deepen! web video programs will not require a learner to register in advance or to log in because the programs will initially appear on the Wilmette Institute’s Facebook page. The web videos then will reside on a public website (, together with web pages and discussion blogs. The programs are free, and, after their initial offering, learners will be able to log into them any time.

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