Gaining Capacity to Serve Through Study

Carol Rogers of Sequim, Washington, gained confidence as well as study skills and new knowledge through the course One Common Faith:

Carol RogersReading One Common Faith let me gain a greater understanding of the Baha’i Faith and what we can hope to accomplish, in fact need to accomplish through the Faith if the world is to progress toward what God wants us to be. The units on rationalism and materialism helped me understand more about my own feelings about living simply. I’m beginning to think I was Baha’i before I was Baha’i! I also have begun to understand how much I want to learn more about so many things. . . .

Only through spiritual unity can man begin to heal and repair the damages that he has done to this world. We have for too long accepted the evil actions of men to destroy what could be a peaceful and joyful world. There will always be those who like to destroy, it is our mandate to foster unity in everything we do and pray for. Only our systematic processes will be able to heal the wounds. All each of us can do it to live the life, teach the Faith, and try to be what God requires of us.

I have remembered and practiced a systematic approach of study that I learned in college and had forgotten. Working a little each day is always a better way to learn and be able to build and strengthen my faith. . . . I have remembered just how much I like to learn and practice new skills. I will be taking more classes!

I am more able to discuss the Faith intelligently with others and bring it more into conversation with others. I am no longer hesitant to do so. I have always been very unwilling to discuss personal beliefs with others as I have been pressured in the past and never wanted to do that to others.

I am starting as tutor to a Book 1 class shortly, I feel more able to do so. I have been appointed Cluster Statistics Officer and before this would have not accepted that I had the ability to do this job. I mean me as part of the Core Team? I’ve only been Baha’i since 2008 and others in our group have been for 40 years.

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