Gaining Insight and Audacity

Verne Larson of Knoxville, Tennessee, learned from her study the importance of the new Five Year Plan, the foremost priority of service, and the need to be audacious in explaining the Faith to others.

Verne LarsonThe Five Year Plan is but one of many plans for building the new World Order. I used much of the information I learned in this course in conversations with others, the Area Teaching Committee, the local Spiritual Assembly, and individuals. The study group was only able to meet once, but we did a tremendous amount of work together in the short time we had.

I learned that the Five Year Plan is of extreme importance as it continues the process of consolidation and expansion and that engaging in activities and engaging with people outside the Baha’i circle is of vital importance. In addition, while study is important, service should always be in the forefront of our thoughts. Along with this, I learned that, while the Area Teaching Committee should be active in teaching, the main responsibility is with the local Spiritual Assemblies and that together these institutions can create a powerful dynamic of growth.

I now have even a clearer idea of what is expected and the importance of what we are doing, and I have a deeper appreciation for the core activities and the institute process. I also see more clearly the Baha’i role in the world. I have learned to be more audacious in my conversations with people and to be a better listener, speaking from the heart.

I have already been asked to join a group that is studying these messages from the Universal House of Justice and share what I have learned with the group. So the knowledge that I gained from this course I can apply to this study group and with others.

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