Gardener Connects Sustainable Development to the Core Activities

Michael Mastry, a gardener in Haifa, Israel, discovered the coherence between the core activities and sustainable development by taking Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind.

Michael MastryBy the taking this course my consciousness of the problems facing us has expanded. Yet, I must not simply drown myself in problems but involve myself in the life of society through service. . . . If I see that my street is unclean, I can organize a clean-up and get out there myself and start picking up the trash. I could help some junior youth begin to identify the needs of their local community in terms of sustainability and help them create and implement a service project.

Yet picking up the trash, conserving water, recycling, etc., while steps to a solution do not get at the root of the problems facing us. The real solutions lie at the core of our twofold moral purpose as Baha’is: Our individual spiritual growth and the carrying forward of an ever-advancing civilization. The framework for action, while at the moment seemingly disconnected from the needs of sustainable development, is gradually pulling into its sphere of activity more and more social and economic development projects. As our core activities grow, and more and more of the peoples of the world begin to study and reflect upon the Creative Word in the serious and uplifting atmosphere of the study circle and carry out increasingly complex acts of service, it becomes natural, organic, and possible to truly address the crying needs of the current crisis.

In sum, the best way for me to promote sustainable development in my own life, and help others implement it in theirs is to devote my time to advancing the process of entry by troops by acting as a tutor, an animator, a children’s class teacher, or simply a teacher of the Cause all with the consciousness that the purpose of what I am involved in is not simply the growth of the Baha’i Faith, but carrying forward of an ever-advancing civilization bent on progressing spiritually and materially.

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