Grave Matters: Photos and Listings of Millions of Graves around the World is one of those addictive websites that will have you visiting the graves of the rich and famous worldwide. For example, you could start with these kings and rulers, all of whom received letters from Baha’u’llah:

Memorial pages for historical or famous people are created by members of the Find A Grave community, who often first arrive at the website looking for graves of family members on genealogical charts and end up entering names from their local cemeteries.

For Baha’i historians, the Find a Grave site offers a way to set up pages for the graves of early and notable Baha’is. Once you find the grave sites of people associated with the Baha’i Faith, you can create a page on Find A Grave, upload photographs, post links to Wikipedia articles or biographical or other Web pages, and invite friends to visit and lay virtual flowers.

Some Baha’i and Baha’i-related graves on Find A Grave include:

If you become a member of the Find a Grave website, you can create your own “virtual cemeteries” and make pages of graves of the local and the famous.

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