“Harmonic Matrix”—Poem Explores Man’s Purpose on Earth

Science, Religion, and the Bahá’í Faith (2019)
Faculty: Stephen Friberg, Robert Sarracino, Roger Neyman, Nicola Daniels

Pete JordanOn completion of this year’s course on Science, Religion, and the Bahá’í Faith, Donald (Pete) Jordan submitted a poem titled “Harmonic Matrix.” He had this to say about his creative process:

“I began the creative writing process by targeting a fundamental message: Man’s purpose on earth, as the infant in the womb, is to develop its capacities to thrive after birth—a birth into the unknown and incomprehensible dimensions of God’s station for us in the next dimensions. In other words, how does man grow nearer to God?

Intellect is key. The mind is the link between body and soul. How do we explore this material reality (intertwined with our current spiritual existence) to glean the lessons, skills, and capacities to thrive in the spiritual reality to come? Intellectual capacity to explore, create. “Science” is one path to understanding the links between material and spiritual reality.

Pete Jordan in skydiving gearI then briefly outlined the basic message, relying heavily on the necessity of the cooperative dependence of spiritual and material progress. I then chose the basic Baha’i metaphor of the necessity of the bird to have both of these wings to soar. Spirituality without science is superstition, science without spirituality is crass captialism.

I attempted to capture how both birds with only one strong wing would plunge into this unenlightened sea and plea for symbiotic harmony.

The course itself provided a finely detailed gloss to my own foregone conclusion. The magnificence of physical reality coupled with the absolute magnificence of man’s (God’s creation) ability to explore and comprehend this creation leave no doubt of the existence of God and our ability to glimpse that reality.”

Here’s the full text of Pete’s poem. You can also download a PDF version of Harmonic Matrix from our Student Projects page.

Harmonic Matrix

Spiritual reality, faithfully evident, confident,
…….fearlessly welcomes material core’s insistent unguided exploration.
Two seamless voyages sailing, method consistent,
…….harmony, the billowing propulsion, axiomatic upon reflection.

Two fleets’ course set, compass points and sextant poles aligned,
…….yet the armada separates and enters the Horse Latitudes doldrums.
Explore Creation, comprehend Revelation, identic safe harbors to find,
…….one crew lashes rafts together, the other driftwood, scattered conundrums.

The albatross and the erne are maimed by this illogical, false separation,
…….materialist wing strong, the spiritual weak, or incomprehensively vice versa.
Plunge together, working apart, into dark capitalist, superstitious sea of nature,
…….all the while sharing desires to embrace the wonders of the matrix universe.

A bird with two strong wings, slipping the bonds, and the navies rejoined,
…….mankind climbs, sees the unfathomable horizon of sea bend back upon itself.
The universe unfolds, man, God’s ultimate creation, discerns where he is going,
…….ultimate station, to be with Him, in the universe and universe within himself.

One wing—physics, cosmology, and all the other sciences of the rational man,
…….enlightened—provides timbers of one bridge to God’s Reality. Noble goal.
Growth, evolution, physical and metaphysical, of enlightened humanity can
…….describe and elaborate the matrix provided for the development of the soul.

Child of matrix womb, no ability to affect growth, unaware, or perhaps wary,
…….child in the material matrix world, gifted by God of free will and intellect.
Sail the ship of the material matrix to harmony, spirituality and love—do not tarry.
…….Whither Luddites? Embrace and shape matrix for love of all and good effect.

Pete Jordan playing his guitarDonald (Pete) Jordan
October 2019

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