How Can I Prepare to Participate in Social Action and Public Discourse?

Governance. Climate change. Equality of men and women. Human rights. Poverty. Race unity. Science, religion, and development. These are among the many places where the Universal House of Justice suggests that Baha’is “be present in social spaces in which thinking and policies evolve. . . .” 

But what do social action and public discourse mean? How do they relate to teaching and consolidation? How can you prepare yourself to undertake such actions as a natural part of the growth of your cluster or community?

The Wilmette Institute offers an introductory course called Social Action and Public Discourse, which reviews selected Baha’i writings that remind us these activities are part of the central teachings of our Faith. Then the course looks more closely at the guidance given to us in letters from the Universal House of Justice during the past three decades. Since Ridvan 2008, especially, the House of Justice has given us more and more information about these two activities. The next course is scheduled to start in June 2013.

The Wilmette Institute is also offering a number of courses that explore ways in which Baha’is can better prepare themselves to participate in public discourse. These courses include:

Climate Change, 02/01/13

Persecution of the Baha’is, 04/15/13

International Development and the Baha’i Faith, 06/01/13

World Federation: The Time Has Come, 07/15/13

The Advancement of Women, 09/10/13

Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind, 09/20/13

We invite you to begin your journey in two areas of action–social action and public discourse–that complement and are coherent with teaching and consolidation.