How Can We Create Just Workplaces? Join the Conversation at the ebbf Annual International Event in October in Barcelona

Join participants from the United States and Canada and from around the world at ebbf’s  (European Bahá’í Business Forum’s) international event to explore how to apply Bahá’í values and principles to make workplaces more meaningful and more purposeful. The theme for this year’s international learning event is “How Can We Create a Just Workplace?” The event will take place on October 2–5, 2014, in Barcelona, Spain.

Over thirty keynote addresses and workshops will explore such themes as:

  • Why is justice so rarely mentioned in workplaces when it is such a fundamental value to which everyone aspires in their lives?
  • How can we implement justice and create more just workplaces and, as a consequence, a more just society?
  • How can we bring justice to finance and spiritually transform impact investing?
  • How do we effect a paradigm shift from domination to partnership as the basis of justice at work?
  • How can we manage teams in a more just and efficient way?
  • How can we create a more just system offering equal opportunities for women and men in the workplace?
  • What are the how-to steps for creating your dream enterprise?
  • How can organizations impact one million people?
  • And more!

The October conference is an excellent opportunity inviting colleagues of different religions, cultures, and business sectors to join you and others from around the work in discussing “How Can We Create Just Workplaces?”

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