How Can We Transition to a Spiritual Economic Enterprise? Learn How at ebbf’s October International Learning Event

ebbf logoFor four days, from October 12–15, 2017, join ebbf’s semiannual international learning event in Bucharest, Romania. The topic of the conference is “Ethical Business Building the Future: Transitioning Towards the Spiritual Enterprise.” You will experience inspirational keynotes and interactive sessions to learn and explore WHY economic systems and enterprises need a new elevated spiritual mindset. And then find out HOW we can build such enterprises.

The conference planners’ hope is that all attending will come to understand the pillars, key principles, and ways forward to shift toward the spiritual enterprise. Key questions include:

  • How is purpose different in a spiritual enterprise?
  • How do people treat each other differently?
  • What kind of leadership drives a spiritual enterprise?

Conference-goers will reflect on the guidance from the Universal House of Justice in its March 1, 2017, letter to the Bahá’ís of the world and will be driven by a new understanding of the dynamic coherence required between meeting the necessary material needs we and organizations face with spiritual higher purposes—higher purposes that make organizations more purposeful, more successful, more motivating, and better at adapting to this new uncertain era we are facing.

To register for the conference and to find out more about it, check out ebbf’s event website.

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