How Economics Can Become Part of Personal Enrichment and Community Building

Economics and Community Building 2018
Faculty: Jean Parker, Hooshmand Badee

Elahe BirjandianElahe Birjandian, a Bahá’í from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, took the Wilmette Institute course Economics and Community Building in 2018. She is an accountant and the treasurer of the local governing body in her community. Three months after the course ended, the Wilmette Institute asked Elahe how she was using the course. She had three points to make:

1. “I find this course very inspiring and informative. Through this course I learned how to put Bahá’í teachings into practice. I still review the course and read its materials.”

2. “Since the course has finished, I have talked about it in a gathering of twenty people—a gathering of treasurers of at least ten Local Spiritual Assemblies in the Lower Mainland and surrounding communities in British Columbia, Canada. They were very interested in this course, and I sent them all information about the Wilmette Institute and the course via email.”

3. “Also I talked about it at a community Feast of fifty people. I introduced the course and outlined its content and then promised in the upcoming Feasts to share with the community different sections of the course.”

Elahe is still thinking about how to customize the information in the course for learners who are not Bahá’ís. But what excellent preparation she has made for taking her learnings to the next level—presenting more about economics and community building to her local community.

A children’s class in South Tarawa, Kiribati

A children’s class in South Tarawa, Kiribati (

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