Impact of Studying the Ministry of Shoghi Effendi

Bob Nelson of Glendale, Arizona, gained many new insights about the Guardian from the course The Ministry of Shoghi Effendi:

Robert NelsonI have been trying to come to a closer understanding of Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian and feel that this course has made that so. I lost my Mother during this course and really felt akin to the Guardian when I read about his struggles after the death of the Master. I had so much to do with my Mom’s death and I felt overwhelmed and depressed and I cannot imagine all that the Guardian went through as he lost his Grandfather and took up the reigns of the faith, as well. His example should guide each of us in our lives. I gathered strength reading and trying to understand and have grown so in my respect and appreciation and admiration of a man who I somehow felt [was] distant and aloof. I could not have been further from the truth.

I now read out loud the writings of the Guardian. They seem to speak to me that way more directly and that was the way he composed so it only seems right.

Anytime one learns new methods to study and learn, one benefits. I can see that a greater understanding can come from a give and take in ideas and information and that even attitudes can be shared and we all can benefit from such a discourse if such discourse is presented in a manner which is palatable and proper.

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