Improving as a Spiritual Assembly Member and as an Institute Coordinator

Carole Lulham of Toppenish, Washington, acquired new abilities to carry out her service on Baha’i institutions through the Institute’s course on the new Five Year Plan:

Carole LulhamThis course has helped me to clarify many of the goals and directions woven into these wonderful messages from the Universal House of Justice and to gain a better understanding of the role I am play in the Five Year Plan. As an individual, I feel I have increased my capacity to understand and to act in the new plan. As a member of a Spiritual Assembly, I have developed my understanding of how the Assemblies will need to interact with the cluster agencies. As a member of a community, I wish to share this learning with my fellow Baha’is, who are already eager to learn.  As a Cluster Institute Coordinator, this course has been invaluable in clarifying the role of the cluster agencies, and, in particular, how flexible we will need to be in our future development. It will assist me in the overall development of the tutors’ role within the cluster.

I have gained an understanding of the foundational quality within the plans to work toward the future establishment of the World Order of Baha’u’llah. There is a tremendous need for an increased understanding of our directional goals and the need to arise in large numbers to be able to achieve this development.

This course has certainly reinforced my values and beliefs and has also given me a certain confidence that my understandings are much in harmony with others questing for direction. Reading others’ replies was so interesting. It has reinforced my determination to continue serving, even when the road gets rocky! It created an ability to keep myself focused on a topic for a month, which really is a new skill for me!

I will be sharing many of the insights gained with others in this cluster who have already shown an eagerness to discover what I have learned.

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