Iran through a Positive Lens

Baha’is around the world watch developments in Iran very closely, for many Baha’is–our coreligionists, friends, and relatives–still live there, deprived of many human rights that we take for granted. In spite of the repressive, tyrannical regime, life goes on for many of the country’s citizens. On Facebook we found a story that shows that side of Iran.

The Atlantic magazine, in its January 6, 2012, issue, featured an essay entitled “A View Inside Iran” with 42 photographs of life in Iran with an introduction by editor Alan Taylor. “Iran,” Taylor writes, “has appeared in numerous headlines around the world in recent months, usually attached to stories about military exercises and other saber-rattlings, economic sanctions, a suspected nuclear program, and varied political struggles.

“Iran is a country of more than 75 million people with a diverse history stretching back many thousands of years. While over 90 percent of Iranians belong to the Shia branch of Islam–the official state religion–Iran is also home to nearly 300,000 Christians, and the largest community of Jews in the Middle East outside Israel. At a time when military and political images seem to dominate the news about Iran, I thought it would be interesting to take a recent look inside the country, to see its people through the lenses of agency photographers. Keep in mind that foreign media are still subject to Iranian restrictions on reporting.”

Many readers have “recommended” Taylor’s photo-essay on Facebook. You can see the photographs at

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